Crisis Management

When turmoil threatens your business, will you know how to respond? We help companies plan ahead so they're prepared in the event of a crisis. With an experienced crisis management partner on your side you're always in control, no matter what tomorrow brings.

We can support you with a wide range of crisis management services

  • Crisis / Contingency Planning
  • Executive Protection
  • Injunction Evidence Gathering
  • Security Guard Patrol
  • Staff Training
  • Strike Assessment
  • Threat Assessment
Why TAG Protection?
Why TAG Protection?


We advocate a proactive approach that includes a full contingency plan—helping you minimize disruption and get back to business.


We adhere to a strict non-confrontational approach that respects the rights of employees and promotes a speedier resolution.


Every day of disruption threatens your company's image and its bottom line. Having an experienced partner is invaluable. You can count on our experience to help you navigate through a crisis as quickly as possible.

TAG Protection Service Area

TAG Protection serves a large area of southern Ontario. In addition to our head office in Orangeville, we maintain three satellite offices for fast, efficient responses to a wide variety of security matters. Contact us with any questions about options in your area.

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