Mobile Patrols

With mobile patrols from TAG Protection, your property is patrolled at fixed or random intervals to deter crimes such as theft, vandalism and trespassing. Each patrol provides a physical check of the premises and the surrounding property, and all persons encountered are challenged and accounted for.

Our mobile patrols provide protection for a wide range of properties and scenarios

  • Apartments / Condos
  • Cash Escorts
  • Car Dealerships
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Construction Sites
  • Educational Facilities
  • Employee Escorts
  • Gated Communities
  • Government
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Lockup and Unlocking Procedures
  • Lone Workers
  • Parking Lots
  • Planned Shutdowns
  • Telecom
  • Vacation Patrols
  • Vagrant Control
Why TAG Protection?
Why TAG Protection?


Mobile patrols are a proactive solution to crimes such as vandalism, theft and vagrancy. By enlisting TAG to help detect and deter crime, your home and business can remain safe and secure. Let us place your property under the watchful eye of our security professionals.


We conduct patrols with highly visible marked cars at random intervals. Our Guards are ready to respond to each situation in a quick, efficient and professional manner. Our patrols identify problems such as leaks and damages early. Every guard is trained appropriately to ascertain the situation and contact emergency services or Client personnel as required.


Whether your business has multiple sites or require a more cost-effective solution to a full time Security Guard onsite, our mobile patrols deliver effective protection in a more economical form.

TAG Protection Service Area

TAG Protection serves a large area of southern Ontario. In addition to our head office in Orangeville, we maintain three satellite offices for fast, efficient responses to a wide variety of security matters. Contact us with any questions about options in your area.

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